About Us

Absolute Essents is a brand owned by wellbeing cosmetics. The seed for Absolute Essents was first sowed in 1998 by Mrs Daisy Kapoor in an effort to deliver the best services to her customers at "Daisy Dales"- Her beauty salon in Navi Mumbai. 

Her belief in the power of Nature, lead her to study and complete her specialisation as an aromatherapist. While working with 5000+ happy customers, she continued to improvise the formula behind her hand-made aroma oil blends used during hair massages, facials and other services. 

In 2022, when she had to relocate to a different state, the customers she served for over 20 years requested her to continue sending them, her "magical potions". 

With the immense love she received from her customers, she decided to spread the benefits of her knowledge across each and every household in India to help improve physical, mental and emotional health. In this dream, she got support from her kids who helped her establish and manage Absolute Essents

The guiding principle of Absolute Essents is to provide customer satisfaction through quality products while ensuring a perfect fit for their customer's evolving needs.

Do tell us about your hair & skin needs at: absolutearoma.wellness@gmail.com